Planning for a Primary Resource for C@S Levels 1-4
Tracey Meek and Pip Arnold.
There will be two parts to this resource – Investigation and Literacy
Pull questions off C@S and select which ones would be useful for each level. Use the questions for their own class. Aim for about ??? questions.
Level 1 Collect and organise, display Categorical data and discuss results. Could use coloured data cards eg a divided lunchbox card into fruit, sandwiches, biscuits, vegetables, meat etc and use these to create a dotplot.
Level 2 Collect and organise whole number data and communicate findings
Level 3 Collect and sort their own data (simple time series) and multivariate data and compare with another data set from C@S. Identify patterns and trends in context within and between data sets
Level 4 Collect, sort and display multivariate and measurement data, compare with another data set from C@S visually. Detect patterns, variations and trends and communicate findings using appropriate displays.
Tracey to gage hot topics for kids for each year level. Look back at older surveys from C@S for great questions.
Eg stop watch – timing how many skips in a minute etc.
A further development could be to take the best 3-4 Questions and survey the school on a topic that is a worthwhile investigation – eg rubbish, music etc. See if we can link in across the curriculum to respective year levels in Social Studies and Science, Health and PE.

Once results have been discussed/commented on for each level, the teacher (or we) can record or write down statments made by students about the findings and put them on laminated cards. They can then be used to mix and match the displays and explore statistical literacy and true or false etc.

Tracey and Pip to meet sometime in 15th – 26th July to put together this activity. It can then be trialled at a few schools (including Parnell District) and modified/perfected. We can take some pics of the kids doing the activity and of their work and comments about the activity.
It can be extended to incorporate using online survey creator.