Looking at the making measures material
CensusAtSchool http://www.censusatschool.org.nz/2009/information-packs/
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Data cards year8posing.xls
2009 Questionnaire 2009questionsc@s.doc
Posing investigative questions for exploration. Each group to come up with two or three questions that they could explore using the variables on the data cards they have.

Using the data cards, make a graph or display to answer the question(s) posed.

Get each group to reflect on the question they posed, what their data showed, was their question easy to answer?

Explore what makes a good investigative question.

What makes a good summary investigative question?
  • check that the variable that is being investigated is clear eg heights, fitness level etc
  • check that the investigative question is general in format and allows for analysis to be made of the whole group not just an individual eg what are typical heights...
  • check that the group that is being investigated is clear eg year 9 students in 9BA, this group of year 8 students
  • check that the investigative question is able to be answered with the data you have eg there is enough data and the variable being investigated is in the data set
  • is the investigative question worth investigating, that is, will the information obtained be useful to someone eg kiwi bird typical weights may be of use to DOC staff or other conservation groups
Posing questions lesson posingquestionslevel4.doc
Making dot plots

Writing I notice statements - summary

Thinking towards simple comparisons
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